Financial Reporting

Narod and Company provides the expertise to help you understand and meet the financial reporting requirements facing your business. Our highly experienced team is effective and efficient, combining financial reporting and client advisory services. We partner with you, allowing you to do what you do best.

Services we provide include but are not limited to:

Compilations and Reviews

Credibility in your financial statements is of utmost importance to us. Our team members are able to determine which level of examination is best for your business and can prepare both compilations and reviews for you.
Compilations show lenders a level of assurance for your financial statements and could be required for a small business owner seeking a personal loan. Our team will accurately convert and compile your data into financial statements.
Reviews satisfy prospective lenders, buyers, and investors and also used when seeking lines of credit. With experience across industries, our team is equipped for the review process which involves working with you to gain enough information about your business. Our process involves:

  • Reviews and inquiries on financials
  • Making inquiries related to the accounting practices and principles used
  • Performing analytical procedures to understand current-year and prior-year balances

  • Agreed Upon Procedures

    Sometimes you need information apart from an audit about a specific process of your business. At Narod and Company we pride ourselves on our factual findings and separation of opinions.

    Financial Projections and Forecasts

    In order to capitalize on new opportunities and growth, it is important for your business to have financial projections and forecasts. Our team is focused on providing you and your business with individual experience and plans. We understand different industries and businesses and have a broad scope of knowledge that will be beneficial when preparing customized financial models and planning your business goals.

    With our process, parties determine the subject matter and procedures to be performed as well as evaluation criteria. Our reported findings are accurate and objective, allowing factual conclusions to be drawn about your business and operations.


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