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We take your data security very seriously, always looking to improve and provide the best possible client experience for our clients. In today’s environment, a rampage of data theft has been a major concern.

The IRS warns about data theft and recommends not to use email, instead to use a more secure way to communicate and send documents.

For this reason we are now using LISCIO for our client communication instead of email. LISCIO provides us Real-Time Messaging, Secure File Sharing, Electronic Signatures, and a built-in Document Scanner. LISCIO is a delightfully simple and secure platform that can be easily accessed via a computer or mobile app on your phone or iPad, just like online banking! All our future communication and exchange of documents will be via Liscio.

You will receive an email from us, inviting you to create your own Liscio portal account. Please take a moment to simply set up your user and secure password, and you are done! The invite is active for seven days.

If you need our help setting up your LISCIO account, please contact our office or simply email Aaron Narod at [email protected]

Learn more about LISCIO

You can learn more about LISCIO, our wonderful communication tool, through videos below and on their YouTube Channel and Knowledge Base!

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